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About Connie

I am an artist whose style of watercolor painting has evolved into what has been described as ethereal, light-infused and therapeutic. My work has been juried into numerous exhibitions across the country and in private collections across the U.S. and abroad. I currently travel and exhibit at art fairs and festivals in California. You can sometimes see my work in the background on the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy.      

I am truly blessed to be able to reside in sunny Southern California where inspiration is abundant. I have been painting watercolors now for over twenty-seven years and have been selling my work as a full-time professional artist for over fifteen years. I love watercolors because of the freedom and fluidity that it offers me.  

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, one of a family of ten. My father and one of my brothers dabbled in art but I was the one who embraced it. I think mostly because it was my way of not getting lost in a family of ten children. I was an introverted child who was very influenced by things and people who surrounded me. I remember going out in the woods for hours and drawing. I had a sense of awe about the most mundane things. I was an art lover all through grammar school and received only A's in art classes.      I had to leave high school when I was fifteen years old to help out with family finances. I worked full time during the day as a factory laborer and went to night school to receive my high school diploma. I continued to draw and paint at that time and even started a side business at the factory. My fellow workers would give photographs of their family members and I would sketch them in pencil and charcoal. I would then frame it nicely and sell it for forty dollars each. I soon became known as the resident artist at the factory. Later I graduated with honors from my high school night class.  With the money I saved from my portrait business, I was able to go to college in North Carolina where I majored in art and received classical training in the studio arts.Classes in drawing and painting helped me to sharpen my skills.


It was at college that I truly learned how to observe my subject matter. Also it was at this time that I learned to draw every day no matter what.  Upon graduation I headed for California with two friends, very little money, no place to live, no job and only a couple of leads. But I knew that being in California would open up a whole new world for me. I settled into a comfortable job and lifestyle and I didn't paint as much as I used to. Soon I realized that something was missing so I began to paint more. It was at that time that I became fascinated with watercolor. I joined art associations. I constantly read books on watercolor technique and studied the old masters.  After many years of struggling to find an approach to my art that speaks to me, I have come into my own style. I am always reminding myself that being an artist is not about reaching a destination but enjoying an ever-evolving journey. It's about staying open to new ideas and experiences and never feeling as if you have arrived. It's about ALWAYS being a student.